Monday, September 19, 2011

A circus cannot exist without a freak show.

I grew up in a small, rural town. I grew up on a farm. I grew up the middle child. These are three facts, I believe, will lead you to "follow me" (in the most non-cultish way imaginable, of course...I've never even mixed Kool-Aid!) and my Torie Stories. What influence would any of these three factors have on the likelihood that you will enjoy reading my thoughts? One word answers it all: boredom.

No, no, no...I'm not saying you will only read Tor's Circus when you're bored (or maybe you will). I'm saying that God crafted my life early on (small town, farm, middle child), so that I would develop a wild imagination, keeping me entertained and, in return, entertaining others.

I can't recall at what point I took joy in observing other people and how they react in different social environments and situations, but it has become one of my favorite past times. A hobby such as people watching is a deadly combination when paired with an imagination like my own. One thought leads to another, and by the time it's all said and done, I've developed theories that anyone can use practically in his or her own life. Okay, they're not always practical. However, if you have a sense of humor similar to mine, they will make you giggle (that's right men, you will giggle).

Why "Tor's Circus"? There are so many acts going on in my head, I can't even keep up with...or focus on one act at a time. There is no ringleader under this Big Top, so expect some crazy catastrophes in written form. So ladies, gents and children of all ages: sit back, grab a popcorn and a beer, and enjoy the freak show going on in my head!

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