Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Things to be learned from a sweet tooth

I can't remember a time when I didn't love dessert. Cookies, candy, cakes, chocolate...let's just say I don't discriminate. Actually, it would be more on point to say I incriminate myself with dessert calorie overload at times. Whatever the case, I thought deeper on my need to indulge in dessert today.

Proud of myself for making a lot of very healthy lunch decisions at a fresh salad and wrap restaurant called Salata, I finished my salad thinking, "Now, I just need one little sweet something to finish out my meal..." I wasn't looking for a chocolate lava cake (but let's be honest, I would've been all over that cake like a fat kid, given the opportunity). I just wanted one little bite of something sweet.

Taking a bite of an individually wrapped chocolate caramel candy, I felt complete and let out an "Ahhhh" as the delectable chocolate-caramel mixture took effect. Then I started thinking, "Why did that make things so much better?" It's not like I hadn't given my body a full, healthy meal. I wasn't starving. In fact, I could've gotten along with my day just fine if I'd not had anything sweet at my fingertips, but...I felt so much happier.

Looking back on my relationship with my husband, I'm starting to see how the sweet tooth game applies to marriage, or really any relationship. The other day, we had a long drive together in the truck, and David surprised me when he silently put his hand on mine. It melted my heart. Why? Not because he's a jerk who never does nice, considerate things for me. I actually consider myself pretty lucky that he is such a considerate husband. Although there was no bad blood brewing between us, that simple sweet gesture made that very moment just the right amount of perfect.

I think we can all find ways within our marriages and friendships to take advantage of our innate sweet tooth. We don't have to indulge others in showy displays of affection (aka the lava cake effect) for this to start working positively. Simple acts like complimenting someone on a special talent they have, verbally acknowledging something nice they've done for you or someone else, or simply by giving them a great big hug or kiss and expressing your thankfulness that they're in your life, have a lot of power. Just remember, dessert is rich. A little bit goes a long way. Ain't life sweet?